There is no better time than now for women to break barriers and lead boldly!

In 2020, our Founder, Debola Deji-Kurunmi announced that 2021 would kick-start a most significant rise of those she called the Future-Forward Female - bold, visionary women who would change the world and solve some of humanity’s toughest challenges.

The Future-Forward Female is every woman! She is the aspiring young girl, the emerging woman and the accomplished matriarch who carries a vision for our shared future. She believes in the power of hope, and dares to dream, against all odds.

She fights for the oppressed, speaks up for what is right, nurtures the next generation and creates solutions for our world today.

YOU are the Future-Forward Female and YOU have a part in shaping our collective prosperity.

A Global Conscious Collective for Visionary Women.

The Future-Forward Female Movement  is a global conscious collective for the advancement of visionary women of African descent, who transform the world, through the power of compelling vision, legacy leadership and collaboration.

The Movement also seeks to advance goals of United Nations’ International Decade for People of African Descent (2015-2024), which aims to celebrate the important contributions of people of African descent worldwide, advance social justice and inclusion policies, promote human rights, and assist in creating better, more prosperous communities, in line with the Sustainable Development Goals spearheaded by the United Nations.

Our Manifesto is Simple.

To catalyze, connect and celebrate the Future-Forward Female™ of African descent globally, who model true leadership in solving humanity’s toughest challenges and elevating our collective prosperity.

  • We CATALYSE by accelerating personal transformation, visionary growth and life success, through coaching, courses, conferences and content.

  • We CONNECT by activating inspirational networks, powerful partnerships and industry opportunities ,through access to markets, memberships and mentorship.

  • We CELEBRATE by accentuating the spotlight and showcasing extraordinary women of African descent, through awards, prizes, grants and epic events.

Our work in almost a decade through IMMERSE Coaching Company has empowered 100, 000+ women, especially of African descent, to elevate their vision, authority, impact and abundance; as they find, fuel and fulfil their life’s purpose.

Future-Forward Female Folio 1.0

In 2021, we curated an exclusive list of 12 distinguished leading Nigerian women who are breaking barriers, leading boldly, creating change, redefining narratives and transforming society for good. We showcased their extraordinary work, and more importantly, told their passionate stories.

Future-Forward Female Folio 2021 is a breathtaking photo-documentary and a colourful celebration of extraordinary young women who model our strongest values of personal transformation, visionary leadership, ethical excellence, and outstanding impact in their spheres of influence.

For us, what makes it a keepsake is this – each of these Future-Forward Females shared no-holds-barred mentorship guidance, candid advice, industry advisory and behind-the-scene insights – to challenge us into our next-level success! It is a powerful celebration of twelve distinct dimensions of next-level female leadership.

DOWNLOAD Future-Forward Female™ Folio 1.0

Future-Forward Female Folio 2.0

We are thrilled to celebrate 25 inspiring and extraordinary young African female leaders (between 16 and 24 years old), who are breaking barriers, leading boldly, creating change, redefining narratives and transforming society for good! These young women also model our strongest values as a movement of personal transformation, visionary leadership, ethical excellence, and outstanding impact across 7 distinct categories.

The Future-Forward Female™ Folio 2.0, which was released in September 2023, is a breathtaking photo-documentary showcasing the extraordinary work of these inspirational young women as well as telling their compelling stories.

This is a powerful celebration of seven distinct dimensions of young female leadership that will challenge you to unlock your gift and genius as a young woman!

Join US!

Future-Forward Female™ Movement is for every woman of African descent, seeking to transform the world with her vision and voice. This Movement was birthed by Debola Deji-Kurunmi, Founder, IMMERSE Coaching Company. We see no limits before you and it is time to manifest your greatness.

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